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Six Sigma training features

Continuous Business Improvement Overview

What is Continuous Business Improvement?

Continuous Business Improvement is an ongoing process to improve the products, processes and services of an organisation based around the idea of taking feedback and using this to identify and implement changes.

The philosophy of Continuous Improvement forms a key part of a range of different methodologies including Lean, Kaizen and ITIL. In the context of Lean, Continuous Improvement seeks to improve business processes by removing waste. This comes from three areas:

  • Muda – seven types of process waste which should be minimised
  • Mura – the waste of unevenness or inconsistency
  • Muri – the waste of overburden, pushing staff or equipment too far so as to cause negative results

The key consideration for making Continuous Improvement a success is to foster a culture that encourages it. Continuous Improvement should be everyone’s responsibility. It should be a philosophy which is practised by the organisation on a daily basis.

Certified Business Continuity Management Professional (CBCMP)

Our certified course provides complete guidance for maintaining business functions in the event of disaster or disturbance.

Root Cause Analysis

Get to the root of business problems using a systematic method for finding the root cause of issues. This goes perfectly with Six Sigma and Lean approaches.

Business Process Improvement

Learn how to analyse the main functions of a business and make changes to improve quality and efficiency. 

Certified Professional in Agile Project Management (CPAPM)

Complete guidance on a wide range of Agile methodologies for the aspiring or practicing Agile Project Manager.

Certified EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) Courses

Our range of Certified EU GDPR courses provides the staff of all levels in an organisation with knowledge and skill for staying compliant with GDPR and implementing and following good practice.

Certified Data Protection Officer (CDPO)

This specialist GDPR course prepares delegates for the role of Certified Data Protection Officer (CDPO) in an organisation, and to be in charge of data compliance in accordance with European law.

Project Management Masterclass

The ideal crash course for any current or aspiring project manager, this course provides knowledge of a range of different project management methodologies and shows delegates how to manage a project effectively from end to end.

Scrum Courses

Our range of Scrum courses provides specialist certifications for different roles within a Scrum team including Scrum Master, Scrum Developer and Scrum Product Owner.

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