Introduction to Lean

Introduction to Lean Training Course Overview

Lean Management is a universally accepted accreditation in the area of quality management that integrates end-to-end business processes for manufacturing, operations, product development, supplier management, customer relationships and other entrepreneurial processes. This course provides a compelling introduction to what Lean is all about and how it can be beneficial for an organisation. In this course, delegates will also be taught about Lean Principals and Methodologies, Seven wastes (MUDA) of Lean, and The Steps of 5S and SMED.

Lean is all about maximising customer value while approaching to eliminating waste, saving money and building continuous improvement in the quality of manufacturing. Introduction to Lean Training will expose you to the concepts and principles of Lean management to help in:

  • Optimise Operations
  • Increase Quality
  • Reducing Process Cycle Time
  • Improving Product and Service Delivery Time
  • Maximise Value in any Business

It is an infinite process of approach to waste removal, thus promotes a continuous chain of improvements.

The Introduction to Lean Training is a 1-day course, it consists of the following topics:

  • An Introduction to the history of Lean
  • The Lean tools and techniques necessary for a lean approach to business improvement
  • Understanding the key Lean principles
  • Seven wastes
  • Kaizen
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Understanding the differences between Push v Pull Techniques
  • Value-adding and non-value adding activities
  • Leadership methods and techniques


In this Introduction to Lean course, there are no formal prerequisites.

Who Should Attend

Introduction to Lean course can be taken by any professional, who is seeking career growth in the quality management sector, and it is also beneficial for :

  • Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, CEO, and Senior Managers, who want to encourage continuous improvement for an organisation and responsible for developing lean thinking, practical skills, measurement of production staff, and analysing the performance of the employee in the workplace.

Exam(s) Included

Exams are provided, as part of the course. Obtaining certification is dependant on passing these exams


Key Learning Points

Clear and concise objectives to guide delegates through the course


Tutor Support

A dedicated tutor will be at your disposal throughout the training, to guide you through any issues.



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