Root cause analysis

Root Cause Analysis Course Overview

What is Root Cause Analysis?

Root Cause Analysis is a systematic problem-solving technique which focuses on finding the ‘root causes’ of a problem or event. Particular popular in industries like IT, transport and healthcare, Root Cause Analysis seeks to sort through the symptoms of a problem until the underlying cause can be found and treated.

Our 1-day Root Cause Analysis course provides a detailed look at this methodology, training delegates to be effective and knowledgeable practitioners who are able to deploy Root Cause Analysis along with a range of related tools and methodologies to find causes and solve business problems. Beginning with defining what we mean by the term, the course progresses to cover methodologies such as Change Analysis, Fault Tree Analysis, Five Whys and much more.

The approach Root Cause Analysis takes to maintaining quality and solving problems makes it ideal to use with approaches such as Six Sigma, Lean and Kaizen. Professionals and teams trained in Root Cause Analysis make effective contributors to quality improvement projects. This skill will also help Business Analysts, Project Managers and any professional whose job involves problem-solving.

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Root Cause Analysis

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Root Cause Analysis

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Root Cause Analysis

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