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Certified Kaizen Foundation & Practitioner Training Course Overview

This two day Kaizen Foundation and Practitioner training course will ensure delegates acquire the knowledge and skills needed to implement and develop Kaizen culture within their organisation. As this training course combines both Kaizen Foundation and Practitioner, delegates are able to gain both certifications during this 2-day intensive sitting. During the Foundation portion of this course, individuals will learn how to assist the progress of Kaizen events and exercises, to improve operational efficiency. Delegates will also acquire an awareness of continuous improvement methods and will gather an understanding of the positive impact Kaizen can have on organisations.

Kaizen Foundation is a valuable qualification to possess due to its potential to confidently fulfil the requirements of stakeholders and customers. The principles of Kaizen revolve around the concept of continuous change over time and the importance of encouraging people to apply Kaizen to better the way they work. Therefore, this Kaizen Foundation section will provide a useful insight into the fundamentals of Kaizen methodology.

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Certified Kaizen Foundation
Certified Kaizen Practitioner 
Certified Kaizen Foundation & Practitioner

The Practitioner section of this combined Kaizen training course builds on knowledge acquired at the Foundation level and aims to provide a more detailed explanation of Kaizen improvement tools, principles and concepts so that delegates fully understand what is needed to achieve a successful Kaizen implementation. Effective management systems will be explored, as these are considered essential to the successful workings of continuous improvement. As well as this, delegates will look more extensively at implementing Kaizen in an organisation, through the more detailed study of Kaizen mechanisms, methodologies, and processes.

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