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What are the Six Sigma certifications?

What are the Six Sigma certifications?

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course has been created for professionals who want to get more familiar with the values of the Lean Six Sigma methods. Also, as Yellow Belt in the most basic level of Lean Six Sigma, those individuals can still work professionals who are qualified in green and black belt.

Lean Six Sigma’s main purpose is to make all business process as efficient as possible, which helps business maximise the impact of their resources. Lean Six Sigma is based the Six Sigma principles, which were created by Motorola as they believed there should be a standardised process to remove defect from a business project.

The Lean Six Sigma course have no formal entry requirements and can be attended anyone who is interested in business improvement. The Six Sigma Yellow Belt training course lasts 2 days which includes the exam. The Lean Six Sigma exam consists of 40 questions, all of which are open book and must be completed within one hour. You must get at least 70% of the questions correct to be successful in the exam and gain your certification.


Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Six Sigma green belt training integrates both yellow and the green belt certification. This allows any individual who has an interest in business process improvements to gain a valuable certification, this also applies to anyone a managerial position.

The Six Sigma framework’s main purpose is to find any defects within a project and minimise their impact on the project’s success. Professionals who hold the Six Sigma certification are highly wanted as it shows employers you have the skills to lead a company project using the DMAIC method.

The Six Sigma course doesn’t have any formal requirements but you are required to complete some pre-course reading. Once you have purchased the course, you will be provided with a hand-out, you are advised to read this before attending the course.

The course structure will last 5 days, on the first 2 days you will complete the yellow belt certification and on the last 3 days, you will complete the green belt certification.

This Lean Six Sigma course has been created for people who already hold the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course and want to upgrade to the Black Belt certification. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is in high demand as it shows that the individual has the skills to use DMAIC methods for quality improvement in the project.


Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

During the Lean six sigma course, you will learn useful techniques that can be applied to your business. Furthermore, you will receive a course workbook that you can refer to once you have completed the Lean Six Sigma training course.

In order for you to attend the course, you must hold the Green Belt certification. Before you attend the course, you must complete some studies on Lean Six Sigma Yellow and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt material.

The course will be assessed using two different techniques, which are a case study and an exam. Each part has a maximum mark of 50 marks. In order to pass you must get at least 70 marks.

Here at Six Sigma, we provide all of the Lean Six Sigma courses at a competitive price. Our highly experienced instructors will give you the guidance you need to pass the exam. We deliver training through three different methods, which are classroom, online and onsite training.

what are the six sigma certifications

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