date 2014-11-13
The Six Sigma Christmas Bonus Secret

The Six Sigma Christmas Bonus Secret

 The Secret to a Huge Christmas Bonus

We have officially started the 6 week countdown to Christmas, consumers have started to think about their Christmas shopping and brands are getting geared up for the busy festive season, and Amazon is no exception. During the Christmas period you could say that Amazon is as busy as Santa, because year on year Amazon's popularity and growth increases. Recent research has showed that over the Christmas period Amazon receives 2,000 orders, per minute. That doesn't leave much room for errors, but that's why they've adopted the Six Sigma methodology.

According to many business improvement and quality experts Six Sigma is one of the most popular management methodologies in history. Six Sigma is in-bedded in the Amazon culture and is an important part of their customer service and operational excellence program, which sees Amazon constantly driving their productivity and efficiency while improving the customer experience. Six Sigma is a highly disciplined methodology that helps organisations and brands, like Amazon, focus on developing and delivering near-perfect products and services.

The Six Sigma Christmas Bonus Secret

Like Amazon, most organisations, brands and retailers are conscious about reducing their operating costs without compromising their customer service levels and the quality of their products. Business users and customers have become very budget conscious, however, just because they want to pay less it doesn't mean they don't still expect certain levels of service. Businesses are under increasing pressure to remove the costs attached to their operations so that they remain viable. Organisations are finding that they need to improve their profits and production rates, while removing waste and variations from their processes, something that Amazon has been pretty successful at. Amazon are known in the retail industry for keeping their costs down and their production and customer service levels high. Six Sigma offers the most effective way to build these capabilities. By combining Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma, it can provide organisations with the two most powerful and effective improvement methods available.

Lean Six Sigma, provides organisations with the tools to quickly and dramatically reduce process and lead times – this can be applied to any part of the organisation. While Six Sigma provides organisations with the relevant tools and guidelines which will work to improve and meet customer-critical targets. Together Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma drives organisational value, income growth, revenue growth and shareholder value.

Many organisations are lacking the Lean and Six Sigma methodology and because of this the skills are in great demand. If you want to secure yourself a huge Christmas bonus, it's time you started applying the Lean and Six Sigma methodology to your business. If you're a project or programme manager, in order the achieve the objectives of your role you must have knowledge of the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies and be able to use these methodologies to improve production, flow, reduce waste, meet the objectives of the business and improve business customer experience.  They only way to secure that huge Christmas bonus and to get to the front of the earnings ladders is to be a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

If you’re interested in increasing your salary, boosting your Christmas bonus and becoming a more viable employee, check out our Six Sigma training courses. Our range of courses offer the best of Lean and Six Sigma. If you could like more information about our courses or would like to speak to someone, you can contact us here.

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