date 2014-12-08
Shedding your baggage: The Growth of Lean Six Sigma in the UK Airport Industry

Shedding your baggage: The Growth of Lean Six Sigma in the UK Airport Industry

Shedding your baggage: The Growth of Lean Six Sigma in the UK Airport Industry

Lean Six Sigma in the UK has had a profound impact over the last several years, having made a huge impact on work in the UK's airport industry, specifically Heathrow Airport, making headway in terms of streamlining and improving the processes that are used when running such large scale operations.

Heathrow Airport in the UK is quite easily one of the largest airports in the world and sees the largest influx of international travellers globally. Being able to manage all the aspects of that type of footfall is a huge undertaking factor such as cargo and luggage logistics, passenger management and even plane management all play a part. Those processes combined involve plenty of logistics and timing management so that everything runs smoothly. Setting up a smooth business process, and improving upon existing ones, is why Lean Six Sigma continues to grow in the UK.

Lean Six Sigma has had a huge role at Heathrow, operated by BAA, in being used to observe and analyse each process of the airport, singling them out and identifying where improvements and advancements could be made, in real-time. Having identified improvements such as moving airlines that are allied closer together to reduce terminal transfer costs and time wastage, as well as minor changes to the check-in process such as self-bag-tagging that has increased check-in capacity by 25% have played a major role in improving the overall experience when running and organising Heathrow airport, and improving the efficiency of the whole process.

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