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Six Sigma course, Six Sigma Training, Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma course, Six Sigma Training, Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma course is a business development tool initially developed by Motorola. It basically works on the principle of identifying the cause of errors and defects in an organisation that hampers the growth of its business and thereby proposing ways to mitigate the same such that the efficiency of the organisation is maximised in all aspect. The concept Six Sigma is derived from Statistics and is known as “process capability”. It works as an all-round development tool.

Importance of Six Sigma Training:

Since its initiation Six Sigma Training had shown proven results in various organisations. Thus the requirement of Six Sigma Certification came into existence. To optimise the business organisation are keen to equip their employees with Six Sigma Training. Not only that individuals get into the Six Sigma Training to get a Six Sigma Certification which helps them to grab a good salary in an organisation where Six Sigma principle is followed. The Six Sigma Training had gained such importance that Organisations arrange this Training by hiring appropriate officials for this.

The Six Sigma course has various levels which are imparted to various levels of employees in the organisation starting from top management level onwards. The levels of Six Sigma Courses are categorised into Champions, Master Black Belt, Black Belt, Green Belt, Yellow Belt etc. The Six Sigma program had reached such heights that currently there are Six Sigma Courses are offered through renowned universities.

Hence presently individuals enrol themselves in various Six Sigma Training programs to have a Six Sigma Certification which helps them with salary growth. During the Six Sigma Course, pupils are provided with study materials, hands on training, good faculty etc. so that they can develop thorough knowledge and understanding. Course materials are generally provided with textbook structure. But online classes are also available for busy scheduled individuals. Web classes are more interesting and they allow better coverage and in-depth development. Six Sigma Training aims to improve all the processes in an organisation.  

It is different from other business management programmes in the following manner:

  • Six Sigma training creates Leadership in an employee that helps to carry out the project in the best possible manner.
  • Decisions are not taken on the basis of guesswork or assumption but on the basis of variable data.
  • Six Sigma plan provides such a structure in the company that every employee finds his own level of implementation of Six Sigma plan. It helps the organisation to grow.
  • Focus is given on return from any project and that return is surely measurable.




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