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  • Are there any prerequisites?

    As this course contains Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, there are no requirements to take this course.

  • Who should attend this course?

    This course is for anyone who is looking to improve on business performance.

  • Do you offer support for the course?

    Support is provided via email and phone before, during and after the course.

  • What is included in the course?

    You will receive a courseware folder, workbooks, certificates and refreshments.

  • Does this course involve and include exams?

    The Yellow, Green and Black Belt exams are all included with this course.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Weekend

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade weekend| Lean Six Sigma Training

This Lean Six Sigma course has been created for people who already hold the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course and want to upgrade to the Black Belt certification. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is in high demand as it shows that the individual has the skills to use DMAIC methods for quality improvement in the project.

During the Lean six sigma course, you will learn useful techniques that can be applied to your business. Furthermore, you will receive a course workbook that you can refer to once you have completed the Lean Six Sigma training course.

In order for you to attend the course, you must hold the Green Belt certification. Before you attend the course, you must complete some studies on Lean Six Sigma Yellow and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt material.

The course will be assessed using two different techniques, which are a case study and an exam. Each part has a maximum mark of 50 marks. In order to pass you must get at least 70 marks.

Here at Six Sigma, we provide all of the Lean Six Sigma courses at a competitive price. Our highly experienced instructors will give you the guidance you need to pass the exam. We deliver training through three different methods, which are classroom, online and onsite training.

Classroom training consists of one of our experienced instructors who will deliver the course in one of our high quality venues that are located worldwide. We have a wide range of locations around the United Kingdom, so you can choose the location that suits you the most.

Lean Six Sigma Online training is where you are provided with an online portal, which gives you access to the course content.  You are given access to the portal once you have purchased the course. Our highly experienced instructors will support you throughout the course, allowing you the chance to ask questions along the way.

Onsite training is where we provide the course at your place of work. This allows employers to monitor their progress through the course.


Pre-Course Reading

Work will be provided before the course is started, which consists of different pre-course guides. This is expected to take around 30 hours of study.

A laptop is also required, with Minitab installed for the Black Belt part of the course. You can get a 30 day free trial, and a guide on how to install it are within the pre-course reading document.

The trial is only 30 days long, which means that you will have to time your installation correctly to make sure that you have Minitab active for the duration of the Black Belt portion of the course. Minitab is currently not available for Apple Macs.



This course contains Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, so no prior knowledge of Lean Six Sigma is needed.



·         This course will last for ten days, and is split into two parts

·         The first part will cover the Yellow and Green Belts

·         The second part will cover Black Belt

·         A case study will be taken on the last day of the course



·         Design of Experiments (DoE)

·         The Role of the Black Belt

·         Hypotheses tests

·         Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

·         Advanced Control charts

·         Black Belt DMAIC

·         Statistical foundation

·         Probability distributions

·         Process Capability

·         Lean Metrics

·         Black Belt as a trainer


The exams will be 50% classwork, and 50% final exam.

There will be three exams:

·         Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Exam

·         Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam

·         Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Exam

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt exam is divided between a case study and a written final exam. The assessments have 50 marks each (totalling 100 marks), and to earn a certificate you will have to score above 70 marks.

Passing the exams will show that you are able to lead up to six Green Belt teams at any one time as an expert on Lean Six Sigma tools and methodologies, as well as leading process improvement initiatives.


Why train with us?

·         We provide enjoyable learning experiences

·         Support is provided before and after your course

·         Our training courses use real world examples

·         We use high quality venues

·         The pass rate for our courses is consistently high

  • Delegate Pack Consisting of Lean Six Sigma Courseware
  • Exam
  • An Experienced Instructor
  • Refreshments
  • Certificate

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